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QQ Interview with OSO



One of China’s biggest trend sites, did a 33 min video interview as well as a 14 page write up with Bax creator/OSO founder Michael Zhu.  This was a great way to introduce Bax Bear to China as QQ has millions of daily readers! (Please note – video and interview are in Mandarin.)  You can see a English translated version (babel fish) of the page here – but be warned, much gets lost in translation!



Video + Press (Toronto Bax DIY Show)


Dear Toronto did a great video interview with Rafi Ghanaghounian, the owner of Keep Six Gallery about the Bax show.

Now magazine did an article on the show. Read it here online.
Blog TO posted about us. Read it here online.
Format Magazine did a big inteview with us. Read it here online.

Next month our interview with Space Channel should be airing. Keep an eye out for that. I’m just finishing uploading all the pictures (which you can see here on our flickr page )

Stay tuned for an in depth look at all the Toronto DIY’s and the artists behind them as well as video and photos from out artist talk series.

Bax Release Videos


Here are 4 videos from our Official Bax Launch party. There’s a few clips of the actual night and the Exhibition Video 1 shows all the DIY designs that were featured in the show. So if you didn’t get a chance to come out to the show you can still have a peek at all the great artist’s designs that were on display!