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Bax Templates

template.jpg is a great resource for finding any template for the big selection of platform toys on the market. You can go here to find the PDF version of the Bax Bear template on their site. We also have the Illustrator AI version of the template in our download section here.

With all the platforms to choose from, why should you choose the Bax Platform to work with? It’s simple – you have a VERY GOOD chance of being selected for an upcoming series.  Some designer toy companies don’t even sell D.I.Y’s of their main figure, so if you work on their D.I.Y figure, no matter how amazing your artwork is you still have ZERO chance of your design ever being produced in a series.  The Bax D.I.Y is the same shape of the smaller Bax series figures.  Any designs done on a Bax D.I.Y can translate down to the 2.5″ Bax figure with no problem!


Unlike many of the popular platforms out there that have an almost exclusive pool of artists they use. (Using the same artists over and over for every new series) We at OSO Design House realize there’s so many great artists out there and we’re focused on working with new up and coming talent.  We’re looking for the most unique and creative Bax designs to produce and distribute worldwide.  Do you have what it takes? Get started by picking up some Bax DIY’s or download the templates and get started on your designs today!

Bax Release Videos


Here are 4 videos from our Official Bax Launch party. There’s a few clips of the actual night and the Exhibition Video 1 shows all the DIY designs that were featured in the show. So if you didn’t get a chance to come out to the show you can still have a peek at all the great artist’s designs that were on display!