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Video + Press (Toronto Bax DIY Show)


Dear Toronto did a great video interview with Rafi Ghanaghounian, the owner of Keep Six Gallery about the Bax show.

Now magazine did an article on the show. Read it here online.
Blog TO posted about us. Read it here online.
Format Magazine did a big inteview with us. Read it here online.

Next month our interview with Space Channel should be airing. Keep an eye out for that. I’m just finishing uploading all the pictures (which you can see here on our flickr page )

Stay tuned for an in depth look at all the Toronto DIY’s and the artists behind them as well as video and photos from out artist talk series.

Bax Toronto Show: Opening Night!


Big thanks to everyone who came out last night for the opening of Bax DIY World Tour: Toronto! We had tons of people showing up to see all the custom bears we shipped out from Vancouver as well as all the brand new pieces by the local Toronto artists. We met lots of artists who were scooping up their own Bax DIY to work on at home and toy collectors who were trying to find their favorite Series 1 figures.



Our paper Bax DIY area was a big hit with the kids and parents alike. We printed 100+ Bax templates and supplied drawing supplies so everyone could make their own Bax designs right there and put them up on the wall to be part of the gallery show!


But remember, the party isn’t done yet! The Toronto show is up for 2 weeks so if you missed the opening you can still check out the show until closing reception on April 6th. Join us then for the film screening of the designer toy documentary, TOYS R US, The talking series featuring artists Clayton Hanmer, Aaron Leighton, Steve Wilson, Derrick Hodgson, publisher Anne Koyama and Magic Pony shop / Gallery owners Kristin and Steve! See all the details here on Keep Six’s site.

Stay tuned for some videos of the events, close up detail photos of the Toronto bears and more!


Check out all the event photos on our flickr page.

Thanks to Rafi and Keep Six Contemporary Gallery for setting up such a great show, all the artists for participating and Kid Icarus for the window decals.

See you at the closing reception!



Artist Bax DIY – Yukiko Otsu


Yukiko Otsu has posted some great pictures of her amazing custom Bax DIY on her blog. This was made for this weekend’s Bax World Tour – TORONTO – Come out and see it in person this Friday night! Great job Yukiko!

Step by Step DIY with Charlene Chua


Charlene Chua made a great post on her blog about her step by step process of making her first DIY Bax Bear. See her whole process here. Very cool! See her custom Bax in person at the Toronto Bax World Tour starting this weekend!!

And as a note about her difficulties with the arms: We recommend blow drying the arm/shoulder area for a minute or two before removing the arms. Then to put them back in, warm the arm holes (not the arm pegs) then put the pegs in at an angle and turn them into the socket. A little tricky but works perfectly!