Daily Archive for March 25th, 2008

Artist Bax DIY – Yukiko Otsu


Yukiko Otsu has posted some great pictures of her amazing custom Bax DIY on her blog. This was made for this weekend’s Bax World Tour – TORONTO – Come out and see it in person this Friday night! Great job Yukiko!

Step by Step DIY with Charlene Chua


Charlene Chua made a great post on her blog about her step by step process of making her first DIY Bax Bear. See her whole process here. Very cool! See her custom Bax in person at the Toronto Bax World Tour starting this weekend!!

And as a note about her difficulties with the arms: We recommend blow drying the arm/shoulder area for a minute or two before removing the arms. Then to put them back in, warm the arm holes (not the arm pegs) then put the pegs in at an angle and turn them into the socket. A little tricky but works perfectly!