Custom Bax Design chosen for upcoming series!


Weez and her custom Bax

The Artist’s Eye had their first ever Bax DIY Show and it was a huge success! They got in a bunch of great custom Bax bears from all over the world and put them all on display in their gallery. During the show, participants voted on their favorite custom of the night and Weez’s bear won hands down and you know what? We liked it too! So congrats to New Jersey artist Weez for her design being selected by OSO Design House to be produced in an upcoming Bax Series!

Her winning design


We’re always looking for fun, original designs for our ongoing Bax series, so if you’re thinking about having your own DIY show (gallery/store/school/etc!) – choose Bax as your platform because we will seriously consider the best customs from your show to be featured in an upcoming series. (Something that will never happen with other DIY platforms..)
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You can check out the winning design as well as all the bears submitted and event photos here

Look out for more Bax DIY shows happening at The Artist’s Eye!

Show Flyer

Some of the custom Bax Bears

The Party


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